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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Organic Mortgage:

When you get an Organic Mortgage you are getting a mortgage with No Added Fees!

Our current mortgage market is loaded with added fees that take away from the total savings available to the client. While many other mortagage companies continue to find new names for the fees they add in; Organic Mortgage continues to pave the way to a new future in the mortgage industry by eliminating added fees from the process.

Some of the added fees we have removed inlcude: Processing Fee, Underwriting Fee, Loan Administration Fee, Lock in Fee, Credit Report Fee, and Commitment Fee. We will continue to do our best to eliminate added fees as the lenders continue to add various costs into the loan.

The standard fees you will pay with an Organic Mortgage are Appraisal Fee paid directly to the Appraisal Company, the Title payable to the Title Company and Recording Fees payable to the County recorders office, the Rate Discount Fee if you decide to buy a lower than par Interest Rate, Tax Service Fee, Mers Fee and Flood Cert to the Lender, plus any applicable local, state and federal taxes or charges.  Escrows can be financed in or paid in full at closing.

Just as important:  by working with Organic Mortgage you are minimizing your carbon foot print on Earth by working with a company which is committed to a process that is carbon neutral or better. The financial services sector is critical to achieving a net-zero carbon future. Your decisions on who to work with will have a lasting impact on the future of this world. We invite you to help us build a better tomorrow by making sound decisions today.

Message from the President:

When Prime 1 Bancorp, LTD rebranded to Organic Mortgage we had 1 goal in mind.  Eliminate as many added fees as possible so our clients could benefit from the savings.  When we take out all the added fees: we are putting more money in our clients pockets to deal with the increased costs of living.  We understand that the cost of nearly everything has doubled as of late and we are doing our best to keep our company operating costs as efficient as possible to be able to offer the Organic Mortgage to homeowner's across the country with No Added Fees!  Our homeowners work hard to pay the mortgage and we work hard to make sure they get an excellent mortgage experience with No Added Fees! I Invite you to apply by using one of the links above to see the difference between your current loan estimate and an Organic Mortgage Loan Estimate. We would like to thank you for allowing us to work on your mortgage!