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Mark's Biography

Mark is a Chicago native, and has called Chicagoland home for 45+ years. His humble roots and big shoulders trace to the heart of Chicago where he grew up on the Northwest Side.  His father was a cab Driver for Yellow and Checker Cab and his mother worked at a factory in the near north suburb of Morton Grove. With hard work, dedication to the dream, the drive to succeed and a lot of faith, Mark was able to break out of the poverty that traps many of our kids and youth in the inner cities. He understands the blessing he has been given and he takes pride in helping people across the country achieve the dream of homeownership while saving money in the process. Mark has been working in real estate and the mortgage industry since 1999 and has witnessed the booms and the busts.  He is the founder of the Organic Mortgage a No added fee mortgage experience.  Mark's most recent endeavor will be his life long mission in philanthropy as the founder of the Non Profit 501c3 Business Kids of America who's motto is "Giving hope to America's forgotten Kids."  Mark is a true professional that believes success is not measured in dollars but rather measured in how much happiness your business can bring to other people's lives. He is always grateful for the opportunity that has been given to him by God and is thankful to every veteran and veteran family that has made sacrifices to insure he can wake up every day and work hard on all these mortgages for his family and yours!  


My Name is Mark Marcus and From my family to yours: "May God bless you and your family!"