Organic Mortgage 

No Added Fees!

Organic Loan

Today’s loan market has become tainted with genetically modified terms (GMT) similar to GMO food.  Food additives that destroy the human body are no different than unnecessarily added loan fees which destroy the integrity of the loan. Whether it be a Personal Loan, an Auto Loan, a Payday Loan or a Student loan paying fees unnecessarily impacts the integrity of the loan.  When you pay $0 in fees you have obtained an Organic Loan. 

What is an Organic Loan?   An Organic Loan is a loan that has no added fees and no fees taken out from your net loan. Quite simply, this means if you borrow $20,000 you will get a deposit for $20,000 not a loan with fees taken out that nets you a lesser amount.

Example 1: John goes to take out a personal loan for $20,000 and then he gets a direct deposit into his bank account from the loan company for $18,800; which, represents John’s requested loan minus the fees. If John had opted for an “Organic Loan” John would have received a deposit of $20,000 the exact amount of the loan he requested. 

When you get an Organic Loan you are getting a Non GMT, without any extra fees being added in.  Just as we need to keep a sound and healthy body we need to make sure we are making sound and healthy decisions regarding our loans whether they be personal loans, auto loans, payday loans or student loans. 

See the example below to help you understand the difference between a traditional loan and an Organic Loan.

Traditional Loan Fee Example for a $20,000 Personal Loan/Auto Loan/Pay Day Loan/Student Loan

  1. Application Fee  $100-$500
  2. Underwriting fee $100-$500
  3. Processing Fee $100-$500           
  4. Administration Fee $100-$500
  5. Credit Report Fee $10-$100
  6. Total Fees $410 to $2100

"Organic Loan" Fee Example

  1. No Application Fee $0
  2. No Underwriting Fee $0
  3. No Processing Fee $0
  4. No Administration Fee $0
  5. No Credit report fee $0
  6. Total Fees $0 There are no added fees with an Organic Loan… None!

Now that's an Organic Loan!

Call us today to ditch that Traditional GMO and pesticide infested loan for a clean natural no added fee "Organic Loan" offered exclusively nationwide by Prime 1 Bancorp, LTD or a licensed affiliate.