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Organic Mortgage

Today’s mortgage market has become tainted with genetically modified terms (GMT) similar to GMO food.  Food additives that destroy the human body are no different than unnecessarily added mortgage fees which destroy the integrity of the loan. 

When you get an Organic Mortgage you are getting a Non GMT, without any extra fees being added in.

Just as we need to keep a sound and healthy body we need to make sure we are making sound and healthy decisions regarding such a large investment as a mortgage.

What is an Organic Mortgage?   An Organic Mortgage is a mortgage that has no added fees.

See the example below to help you understand the difference between a traditional mortgage and an Organic Mortgage.

Traditional Mortgage Fee Example

  1. Application Fee  $200-$500
  2. Underwriting fee $495-$1680
  3. Processing Fee $250-$700           
  4. Administration Fee $200-$500
  5. Commitment Fee $300-$500
  6. Credit Report Fee $20-$75
  7. Lock in Fee $0-$2500

Total Fees before discount points, appraisal, and title.  $1465-$6455

"Organic Mortgage" Fee Example

  1. No Application Fee $0
  2. No Underwriting Fee $0
  3. No Processing Fee $0
  4. No Administration Fee $0
  5. No Commitment Fee $0
  6. No Credit report fee $0
  7. No Lock in Fee $0

Total Fees before discount points, appraisal, and title.  $0

Now that’s an Organic Mortgage!

The only fees you will pay with an Organic mortgage is Appraisal Fee paid directly to the appraisal company, the title fees, and recording fees payable to the title company and county and the discount fee for the interest rate, plus any applicable local, state and federal taxes or charges.  Escrows can be financed in or paid in full at closing.

Call us today to ditch that Traditional GMO and pesticide infested mortgage for a clean natural no added fee “Organic Mortgage” offered exclusively nationwide by Prime 1 Bancorp, LTD or a licensed affiliate.