Organic Mortgage 

No Added Fees!

Organic Mortgage

Today’s mortgage market has become tainted with genetically modified terms (GMT) similar to GMO food.  Food additives that destroy the human body are no different than unnecessarily added mortgage fees which destroy the integrity of the loan. Traditional Mortgage companies operate with impunity, often times needlessly printing millions of pages per year with no regard towards the environmental impact and potential destruction the company brings to mother Earth. According to some estimates: an average mortgage creates 2000 lbs per year of C02e. Prime 1 Bancorp, is committed to making that 0 lbs per year per loan by 2040.

When you get an Organic Mortgage you are getting a Non GMT, without any Added fees. Just as important, you are minimizing your carbon foot print on Earth by working with a company which is committed to a process that is carbon neutral or better. The financial services sector is critical to achieving a net-zero carbon future. Your decisions on who to work with will have a lasting impact on the future of this world. We invite you to help us build a better tomorrow by making sound decisions today.

Just as we need to keep a sound and healthy body we need to make sure we are making sound and healthy decisions regarding such a large investment as a mortgage.  We also need to make sure we are making decisions that give mother Earth the best chance for success.  Why would you close your mortgage with a company that has no regard for the future of our planet?... When you have options to work with one that will consider the future of this planet we all Co exist on.  

What is an Organic Mortgage?   An Organic Mortgage is a mortgage that has No Added fees.  Just as important, it is a mortgage with a company that commits to reducing the carbon footprint within the company’s business process to 0.

organic mortgage

Total Fees before discount points, appraisal, and title.  $1965-$15,230

Environmental impact Carbon Potential per loan: 2000+ Lbs CO2e per year 

Total Fees before discount points, appraisal, title, Tax Serv & Flood Cert.  $0

Environmental impact Carbon Goal per loan: 0 Lbs CO2e per year

Now that’s an Organic Mortgage!

The only fees you will pay with an Organic mortgage are Appraisal Fee paid directly to the Appraisal Company, the Title and Recording fees payable to the Title Company and County and the Rate Discount Fee for the Interest Rate, Tax Service Fee and Flood Cert to the Lender, plus any applicable local, state and federal taxes or charges.  Escrows can be financed in or paid in full at closing.

Beyond mortgages we always need to consider the environment and the planet we leave behind for future generations. This is why an Organic mortgage had to be a carbon neutral mortgage outside of having no Added fees.  Our business process insures that we are offsetting the energy used in the mortgage process with a carbon cleaning environmental benefit to Earth. Being paperless insures we are not contributing to the destruction of our rainforests and natural carbon cleaning inhabitants.  Prime 1 Bancorp, LTD is a leader in leveraging technology and energy efficient systems to minimize our footprint on this planet.  Prime 1 Bancorp, plants a pine tree right here in the heartland of the United States for every closed Organic mortgage loan.  This is our way of showing our commitment thru action and beyond words.  We ask that you challenge yourself and your prospective lender to hold to the same standards which will strengthen our long term goal of leaving this place better than when we came here. 

Call us today to ditch that Traditional GMT and added fee infested mortgage for a clean natural No Added Fee “Organic Mortgage” offered exclusively nationwide by Prime 1 Bancorp, LTD or a licensed affiliate.